Molecular Life Sciences · Teaser


The GBM fall meeting “Molecular Life Sciences 2013” took place from October 3rd to 6th at beautiful Campus Westend in Frankfurt/Main.


The scientific organizer, Prof. Jürgen Soll from Munich, set up an impressive conference where all of the 17 GBM study groups were actively involved in the organization. Also, the Junior GBM groups, GBM’s young scientists and the German Research Organization (DFG) organized various lunch sessions: „DFG Speed-Dating“, „Creativity in Research“, „Students for Students“ or the „Career Forum“, to name but a view.  


The GBM welcomed about 700 international guests and the symposium offered various opportunities for discussions and for a general meet and greet.


Last but not least, GBM awarded the Otto-Warburg-Medal to Randy Schekman on October 3rd. Just in time, so to say, because four days later he won the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his role in revealing the machinery that regulates the transport and secretion of proteins in our cells.